Saturday, 7 July 2012

blackbird and gilgamesh

if you read my last post I was longing for summer and warmth in June, I rewrote a Shakespeare sonnet in honour of the sun, but where is that sun, days roll on and we haven't got it yet, well into July, nights drawing in and all that... and the office is talking about Christmas, heaven preserve us. NOT YET PLEASE

I heard a good bit on the radio the other day about why we aren't having a summer, the jet stream being too low and sitting still, same reason America is frying in a never ending heat wave. In Texas a friend told me it was too hot to live, even the roads were melting! Now I've lived in Saudi Arabia, that was a place too hot to live, if ever there was one, but right now I'd be happy to be back there and grab a bit of their sunshine.

The answer the weather presenter said was to have a good hurricane, which would then knock the jetstream back where it should be at this time of year, but this doesn't look likely any time soon, as it's turning into a quiet season for hurricanes and whats a 'good hurricane' anyway, aren't they always bad?
I think this might just be a bit of a simplistic, one size fits all diagnosis as to why people are investing in ark technology again.  Its really quite hard to plough through the whys and wherefores of jetstream science  but the met office is doing its bit to get us interested on u-tube  .....

As for the ark.....  I was curious when a friend said all that biblical flood stuff was a myth... so with trusty Google in front of me and never being a fan of knowledge black holes (and just having returned home on foot through a deluge of epic proportions) I began to study flood myths...  My local library looked at me like I was potty for requesting a copy of the epic of Gilgamesh or the myth of Deucalion. they didn't have the story of the Hindu god Manu either....(all good flood related stuff)
 For those interested  have a look at for starters. Don't give me rubbish about Wiki either, if an article is well referenced then Wiki is as good a place as any to start.(Then you move on to other sources)

What did transpire was thoughts by early-but a bit ignorant- 'scientists' on a world covering flood,  brought about by finding layers of seashells on tops of mountains. This is apparently recorded by long ago Chinese scribes but could easily have been told by non-writing oral tradition cultures  long before that.
These days we take for granted information freely available to us that the earth moves, (oh yes really it does!) but to an early man this wasn't anywhere near as obvious, so he thought the sea had just rolled in and covered the hilltops!

It was only such worthies as Leonardo (he of da Vinci fame) that raised the issue that these neat layers of shells and fish fossils found on top of mountains and miles from the sea were most unlikely to have been the result of an instant flood. And we know how such lateral thinking got him into trouble.

So we are left with our wet July, when the sun does come out the land steams. Greenery, weeds and all, heads for the heights. few flowers, less veg but leaves of giant rain forest proportions and a population of slugs and snails to match!

The garden blackbird already thinks its Christmas!

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  1. I just got a punch in the arm as I escorted the Boss to the car holding the umbrella to protect her from the thudding (against the brolly)rain, when I started to dance and sing, I'm singing in the rain.... what? I like the rain